Penis Prepuce | Gallery Show (2012)
A space created for the digestion of proper medical and social discourse about the penis prepuce. It is the celebration of the site PenisPrepuce, which will continue to exist and create further imagery for discourse. So far I have received prospects for collaboration and recognization for the work. This is the end of the beginning. 

There is two animations. First: the depiction of the prepuce on the phallus, as previously omitted from medical depictions. Second: a sequence of animations showing the foreskin (prepuce) movement, which familiarizes the audience with its mobility. Since western culture doesn’t recognize the mobility and the terms as normal, these images seek to challenge the notion of normalcy.

Other media repeats the same intent (to challenge normalcy, and to educate). There are 4 informative cards. These cards can be placed anywhere, which increases the chances of others encountering the subject.

The Consent Forms allow viewers to be placed in a position to digest the extensive risks and information that parents are not told when making the decision for their kid. This is a vision of what could be placed in hospitals, or what could be said to patients at the moment they should make the decision. In the past, parents have neglected the responsibility or the awareness of the impact of circumcising their child. Upon reading this form in the gallery, the participants are given the utencils to contemplate and make their decision. Putting back the form with out using the pen is an act of declining to fill out a form, which may encourage further rejection of circumcision in the future.

The book is a documentation of discussions that have already happened on Tumblr. This discourse encourages readers to derive a conversation from those remarks.

The shirt is the most public declaration. First, the individual needs to be comfortable with having obscene imagery on their person in public, second is the responses they might get. The shirt allows individuals to make a statement questioning normalcy, and allowing them to encourage personal conversations with others. Since their t-shirt is the prompt for talking about the prepuce or dicks in general, it becomes more approachable. The conversation is less likely stemmed from perverted intentions (not that there is anything wrong with perverted intentions). 

The Info Cards (4 separate cards, 500 total printed) have facts regarding the functionality of the prepuce, and the impact of circumcision. These cards are intended to be taken and placed anywhere the participant wants to place them. This may include books, water fountains, wallets, under doors, the list goes on. 

Soon some of this material will be available for purchase. In fact, it is the next step of the project, along with further image creation.